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After a bit of a hiatus, I'm back into the swing of creating art. But I'm not so much into uploading it everywhere. So what comes here will be in fits and starts and not necessarily all of it. If you want to see everything pretty much as it's done, follow me on instagram or facebook. I've been messing with a lot more traditional media rather than digital art, though no doubt I'll swing back to digital art at some point, especially as I've just upgraded to ArtRage 5. Woot! And of course I'll have to dust off my Wacom Cintiq and break out one of my favourite drawing programs, Mischief, too at some point.
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That never worked

Journal Entry: Wed May 14, 2014, 12:07 AM

The requests thing never worked very well for me or for anyone else. No one wanted requests except two people, and I got one of those done and then never finished the other.

I'm a bad person.

But I got a Wacom Cintiq 13" when I got my new computer, and so I went on a bit of a drawing spree as you can probably see from recent activity on this page. I've rediscovered the joy of drawing things that aren't people.

I bought a couple of cheap picture frames, the sort that have multiple windows in them. My aim is to draw some nice, generic pictures and print them out to put in the frames. Will see how that pans out, too.

Working a lot recently, cycling to and from work (which means about 30km a day of cycling). Also a bit sick at the moment, so not cycling this week. But all this currently means not a lot of time (unless I'm home sick like I was at the end of last week).

Requests (send me a pic of you!)

Journal Entry: Fri Nov 22, 2013, 1:02 PM

Right, I may regret this (especially since the last request post only got one), but I'm opening for 5 requests. But with a slight twist... Basically, I'm going to see about going to my local market and setting up a small stall where I take along my tablet and computer, and I do digital portraits of people. I need some examples to show. So...

What I need is for 5 people to send me a picture of themselves / a loved one (or link me to the picture) and I will turn it into a digital painting.

Please look through my gallery to see what sort of style it might end up in, because you'll notice that I don't do a lot of super realism stuff. I'll also be practising in different drawing programs with your picture, so some may end up looking better than others.

Here are the slots:




Oooo, here is an example of a picture I turned into a painting:

Contest Prize: SavyIrie by dragonslairnz

Request a character/couple

Journal Entry: Thu Oct 17, 2013, 1:46 PM

This sounded/looked like fun, so stolen from ixris - the only thing I say is that you must be watching me to request this, and first five get it.

Give me a character/couple from a TV show/movie/book (though if book, I will need references) and I will attempt to draw them.

I've gotta keep practising people because people are hard and faces are hard and sometimes drawing works for me and sometimes it really doesn't.

1. ixris requested Boy Blue, Flycatcher or Pinoccio from Fables.
Filled here:





Edit: Hahaha, goes to show just how many people actually read my blog on here, doesn't it? (Or, if I think pessimistically, I can take this as an indication of what people actually think of my art? lol they don't want me to butcher their favourite characters lol...) At this rate, ixris might get all three of her requests.

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Devious Journal Entry

Journal Entry: Fri Oct 11, 2013, 1:36 AM

I get irrationally irritated when I go to someone's page to extend some basic courtesy to thank them for their favourite and have a little look around while I'm there, and they've got on their page "DON'T THANK ME FOR FAVES".

Like WTF people?

Can someone please explain to me what is up with that?

I just. What?

Like, sorry for wanting to interact with you? Sorry for going to the effort of actually clicking on your profile to see who you are and what you have to offer, instead of just deleting the notification as a lot of other people do?

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Updated page a little

Journal Entry: Thu Jul 18, 2013, 2:52 PM

I've just done a little reshuffling of things on this page to help reflect the sort of art that is in it. So my three features now include an original character, Good Omens fanart, and Zombies, Run! fanart.

My tumblr(s), should you wish to follow them are:
Zombies, Run! stuff:
Good Omens stuff:

The Zombies, Run! tumblr, being my main one, sometimes contains other posts (like stuff from Supernatural, Welcome to Night Vale, and other random things). The Good Omens one is pretty much exclusively Good Omens.

I also post all my art (no matter what fandom or not it is) to my website:
And update my FB page accordingly when I do at…

I post random crap interspersed with art at my twitter account @kihitara

I don't really use this blog on dA much.

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Zombies, Run! fanart dump

Journal Entry: Wed May 22, 2013, 3:38 PM

Just warning you, there's a fanart dump coming up for my Zombies, Run! art I've been doing. I won't post all of it, but just my favourite pieces.

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Journal Entry: Thu Apr 25, 2013, 1:29 AM

Sorry, if you're waiting for a picture from me, it may be a little longer. I have been really busy and stressed with work, a conference where I was running a whole day workshop and another couple of sessions as well, and trying to get up north to help mum with putting up a new fence.

So artistic things are not happening right now.

Don't worry, I haven't forgotten you!

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Competition-Monthly GREEN winners

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 8, 2013, 10:11 PM

First place:

Um. Me. Yay!

Second place:

Frosted by SavyIrie

Other things from SavyIrie I like:
The Woods by SavyIrie Thorn by SavyIrie

Third place:

Green by BubbaGump14

Other things from BubbaGump14 I like:
My Woods by BubbaGump14 Close Up Mountains by BubbaGump14

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WINNERS of 'Mythology in the modern day'

Journal Entry: Mon Mar 18, 2013, 9:27 PM

I entered a competition by miayan recently and got first place.


The other entries were really cool, and these are the other place winners who get a mention in my journal as part of the prize.

Second place

Let's play! by Eltoras
This deviant has some beautiful stuff in her gallery, including:
Just a tear by Eltoras Would you like some tea? by Eltoras Starchild by Eltoras

Third place

was shared between
:iconwierdo-neko: and :icondawnshade1:
Late For Work by Wierdo-Neko That's nacho cheese!!!! by Dawnshade1
And something else from each of their galleries that caught my eye
Terrwyn - Second Form by Wierdo-Neko Blue Realistic by Dawnshade1

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GREEN competition

Journal Entry: Mon Mar 18, 2013, 1:53 AM

I'm a member of a wonderful, friendly club that needs just a little more participation. It is
and the current competition that is running is the theme:


So draw or photograph something GREEN, or something that makes you think of green, join the group and submit. We need 5 entries for judging to happen.

You have until the end of March. GO!

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WIP: Modern Mythology

Journal Entry: Mon Mar 11, 2013, 3:37 AM

I came across this competition… by miayan a while ago and nothing immediately jumped out at me. When the reminder came that it was just over a week left, I looked at it again and and image started forming in my head.

Here is the progress so far:

WIP 1:
WIP 2:
WIP 3:
WIP 4:

The figures are Mother Earth (Gaia), a tree dryad, and a water sprite. Sad in a grey, polluted modern world.

Hope to get this finished in time for the competition!

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Works in Progress

Journal Entry: Wed Mar 6, 2013, 1:16 AM

I am working on two things right now.

First is a picture for the March competition at :iconcompetition-monthly: with the theme of GREEN. I am drawing a green dragon with a feather theme. I am using ArtRage Studio 3 for Mac with Wacom Bamboo. Brushes: ink pen and coloured pencil on a rough paper canvas. Competition details:…


The second thing I'm working on is for me. It's a picture of a character from my story called Desiree and her alter ego, a fox. I used a picture of Jennifer Lawrence as a reference, and I'm afraid the result still looks way too much like her lol. I suck at changing facial features from the reference image. Also being done in ArtRage Studio 3 for Mac with my Wacom Bamboo. Brushes: airbrush. Yep, just that. Using the ink pen to do the outlines, but I'm not using the outlines, they're just for reference.

WIP 1:
How I work:

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Sora Character Contest

Journal Entry: Sun Feb 10, 2013, 12:45 AM

I stumbled across this character contest by :icongriffin-kitten: and thought I would participate -->…

I enjoyed the last contest I did like this so much, and I do like drawing cats. :D

This is my entry:

Character Contest: Sora by dragonslairnz

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And then I discovered PaintTool SAI

Journal Entry: Sat Feb 2, 2013, 10:51 PM

Despite my last journal entry saying that I was feeling more inspired, it still took me a while to get back into drawing.

Then I wanted to try drawing Manga style. I have Photoshop, ArtRage Studio and MyPaint. All are really great painting programs, they really are. But they didn't do what I needed, which was to flood fill a space with an antialised outline without leaving that awful white pixelated line all the way around the edge.

I had downloaded and installed PaintTool SAI a few years ago and hadn't been overly fussed by it. Seeing what others do with it, I decided that I was probably just being ignorant and decided to download and install it again. When I found out that the flood fill tool does exactly what I want it to do, that was it, I was hooked.

So not this coming pay day, but the one after, I have promised myself that I am allowed to buy the licence for it. I am pretty sure I calculated correctly and that'll be before the trial period expires *crosses fingers*.

I still love my other painting programs for when I want a real painted sort of look, but for the style I am into right now, PaintTool SAI does it so well.

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Stuff that has been happening

Journal Entry: Mon Nov 26, 2012, 5:01 PM

1. Creative dry spell

I just didn't feel like doing anything arty. I didn't want to draw, paint, write, build... I didn't even really feel like gaming. I think I was just moping around and watching TV. Then...

2. NaNoWriMo

50,000 words in 30 days. This certainly got me writing again, though the first few days were a real struggle. I got the usual mid-November slump, which I was going to come back from in the weekend when...

3. My father died


My father was diagnosed with Parkinson's 18 years ago, though he has suffered from it for longer than that (we thought it was a stroke at first). His passing on Friday 16th was unexpected, but he went very quickly. We are incredibly sad to lose him.

4. Post-grief recovery

I went to stay with one of my best and oldest friends for the weekend. I had no Internet. She was doing NaNoWriMo, and so was writing. This eventually spurred me to write again, and I polished off another 10K over the weekend. Nowhere near enough to actually finish NaNoWriMo this year, but I think I have a pretty good excuse. My friend, however, got to her 50K on Sunday, 5 days early. Yay!

So I now feel like writing and drawing and creating again.

Dad loved my art, so I think I will have to do something especially for him.

5. Bought a subscription again

When did that expire? And where have all my lovely journal skins gone?? It deleted them all except this one! Or did I delete them...?

Damn, I'm so confused.

Back to work.

Kick starting

Journal Entry: Sat Jul 21, 2012, 4:50 AM

I've kick-started my art again.

Progress can be seen at or

More frequent updates on Twitter than on the blog.

Now it's very late and time for me to go to bed.


Journal Entry: Wed Oct 26, 2011, 10:09 PM

My dragon WIP has stalled for a number of reasons:

1. Work - I have two new contracts that I'm currently attempting to get done.
2. Health - Spent a day screaming my head off in hospital, who knew kidney stones hurt so damn much?
3. Books - Just finished reading Ender's Game and Speaker for the Dead by Orson Scott Card.
4. Oooh shiny! - Other distractions. Sometimes house-related, garden-related, or just bumming-around-on-the-computer-related.

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Next project

Journal Entry: Fri Oct 7, 2011, 12:32 AM

I finally finished the WIP I'd had going for a while, which was my second character portrait from the story I've been working on for... oh... erm... a while. Since high school, and I won't say how long ago that was. ;-)

So it's time to start a new project! And I am thinking this time it will be a dragon. I haven't drawn dragons in a long time (redesigning the Dragonslair logo doesn't count - it's not painting, it's logo design). I used to draw dragons all the time, but I think I am woefully out of practice. Also, I am procrastinating starting the portrait of Rahmen. I need to find a reference image that most closely resembles who he is in my head, and that is going to take some hunting.

Anyway, the other week I stumbled across this very cool dragon creating tool someone had made and put on DeviantART here. I made a couple of dragons and might use them as inspiration. :) I was actually thinking of using one of them and doing a series of dragon pictures. I used to have a story about a dragon... I might find and revive that, then make some pictures to do with that...

So many tangents, so little time.

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Procrastination and Randomness

Journal Entry: Thu Sep 22, 2011, 7:24 PM

I did some work this afternoon, but the weather is beautiful and it's so hard to concentrate when it's lovely like this.

Came onto dA, found my message list flooded with deviations from DragonArtists and almost left again lol. But I looked through, haven't really got the energy to comment, but have followed two new random people because I like their art.

Hi to Jewel-Thief and finiens. I look forward to spying on you. ;)

And now - it's mid-afternoon, I still haven't had lunch, so perhaps some of my lack of energy has to do with that. Will go find food.

I still have to do more work before I'm allowed to paint. Want to carry on with my WIP. Must. Resist.

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